Trigger Jobs


The most obvious interface between the shooter and the firearm is the trigger. How the trigger reacts when pressure is applied can determine the accuracy, reliability, and safety of your firearm. There are all kinds of triggers: single stage, double stage, dual, and many more. The fact of the matter is if you are not happy with the trigger, you may never be completely satisfied with the firearm.

HOWEVER, there is a catch! Triggers are not to be "fiddled" with. Triggers should never be modified by anyone who lacks the training, knowledge, and judgement of a highly skilled gunsmith. That's what we offer. Experience, common sense, a wealth of knowledge, and the skill to modify your trigger to your specifications while preserving the safety and dependability of the firearm.

Some jobs are easy and cost effective. Some are complex and expensive. Others are not possible. We know the difference and will tell you the truth. We are not going to do something that compromises your firearm in any way.

Stop in and see us - we are happy to discuss your needs.