Cleaning and Preventive Maintenance


"When and how often should a firearm be cleaned?" "What is the best way to clean my rifle?" "Why won't my pistol fire?" "I don't understand, it worked last year."

We hear this all the time. The fact is, most firearm owners know how to run a brush with solvent down the barrel - and that's about it. In order to maintain optimal condition and reliability, firearms require more than just a brush down the bore. We can give your firearms the TLC they need. We strip firearms down to the bare bones and clean everything. And we do this for a very reasonable cost. And while we have it disassembled, we will assess wear on critical components and advise you on your best course of action.

By the way, do you know how often the "O" ring in a Remington Model 1100 needs to be replaced? We do.