Consignments and Trades


Well now! You seem to have a problem. A "certain someone" had invoked the "firearms possession clause" of you vows and it looks like something needs to go before you buy another.

We have a great deal for you! Actually there are two avenues that you can pursue. Yes, we do take in consignments and yes, we do take trades (Within reason, of course. We're not likely to take an outboard motor in trade for a new rifle!)

All humor aside, it can be a real challenge selling a firearm. If you don't know the buyer, how can you be sure of their intentions? Do you really want a stranger in your home looking at your firearms? Do you know what a fair price is for a particular weapon? Did you inherit a large collection that you would like to dispose of? How do you know if you are being treated fairly? These are all questions that come to mind when you consider of selling a firearm. We can solve the dilemma for you through a consignment sale. We sign a contract where we sell your firearm for you with all of the legal safeguards and charge you a fixed percentage of the selling price.

The other option in a trade-in. We will give you a fair price for your trade and make sure you are happy with your new purchase. Either way, stop in or call us and we can discuss your goals and options.